Houston’s: We have a problem


Today’s Wall Street Journal once again pulls back the curtain on the Dilbertian dystopia represented increasingly by social networking and the workplace.  Two employees of a New Jersey restaurant were apparently fired for setting up a password-protected MySpace forum and making negative comments about supervisors on it that were later discovered by management.  Wherever the law comes out on the protected speech and privacy aspects of this and similar cases, it is a clear warning cry for employers to think more deeply about their policies governing social media usage in and about the workplace.  A few questions: if you’re measuring productivity by how many hours employees are not on Facebook, are you sure this is a useful measure?  Can you develop an equitable approach to “unprofessional” speech in an employee web forum, to cover the conversation overheard in the cafeteria, a doctored photo image of the boss posted next to the men’s room and a lewd limerick about the shift supervisor left a on a cocktail napkin at the neighboring watering-hole?  Regardless of your legal rights as an employer, far better to walk softly and keep the big stick mostly in the desk drawer.  Paranoia and fear do not generally a productive workplace make.


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One Response to “Houston’s: We have a problem”

  1. educlaytion Says:

    Did you hear about the woman who got fired for Facebook? I just found the story this morning and posted on my blog about it.

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