2010 Preview

So to our annual preview of anniversaries, a smorgasbord ranging from the solemn to the frivolous that will drive much news coverage in the year to come.  Recent good news about the Ford Motor Company’s quarterly numbers is a nice juxtaposition to the fact that it will soon be 100 years since Henry Ford passed the 10,000 cars per annum mark.  For a while it looked like we were headed back in that direction.  On the literary front, 1910 saw the publication of “The Emerald City of Oz,” in which Dorothy, Aunt Em and Uncle Henry go to live in Oz permanently.  Other centennials include the founding of Boy Scouts of America and the first commercial flight.  At the 75 year mark, we have two inventions that changed the world — nylon and the first beer sold in a can.  Krueger’s Cream Ale: are you still out there?   The board game, Monopoly, also made its debut, in blissful ignorance of sub-prime loans and cram downs yet to come.

Lots of attention will be focused on the five year anniversaries — Hurricane Katrina, the Bali and London Underground bombings, the election of Pope Benedict, the inauguration of George W. Bush.  For our money, the really big anniversaries are the 20th anniversaries — the freeing of Nelson Mandela, German Reunification, the election of Gorbachev and Tim Berners-Lee’s formal proposal for the World Wide Web.  Throw in the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the launching of the Hubble telescope and we think you have a pretty big year.  We’ll save the 50th anniversary for last because it involves someone who shares our fondness for bacon and marmalade sandwiches.  Paddington Bear: take your bow.


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