Marketing & Social Media

The answer to the question — how do I market my brand in social media? — is irrelevant because it’s the wrong question.  The only question social media marketers should be asking themselves is: what can I do to help consumers market their own individual brands?

Test this proposition by asking yourself what people do in social media.  Yes, they post comments, link to content, comment on others’ postings, post pictures, videos, ask friends to join causes, play games, take surveys, talk about their lives.

What is the purpose of all these activities?  Entertainment, certainly.  But sub-consciously, consciously, with deliberate commercial intent, what ties all these activities together is that in social media people are building, nourishing and playing with their personal brands.  Everything social media participants do/say is designed to signal something about themselves — I’m a good mom, I listen to cool music, I know a lot about food, I’m an expert in urban planning, I care about Nicaragua, my favorite relaxation is watching Mad Men.  The sum total of these signals represents an investment in a personal brand.

So whether your product is bedroom slippers, iced coffee or life insurance, stop trying to figure out how to market them.  Figure out how your products can help consumers market their own personal brands.  They might actually want to have a conversation with you.   



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