The debate about the ethics of feeding grains to animals or diverting it to fuel continues unabated.  Striding into the middle of this debate, however, comes the food and supermarket industries next nightmare, the issue of waste.  According to a new book by the British critic Tristram Stuart, Waste, Americans throw away 50 percent of the food they buy.  He also focuses attention on the amount of edible food thrown away by supermarkets and, perhaps most importantly, how much produce these supermarkets force farmers to throw away because it doesn’t meet their stringent “cosmetic” standards.  When did you last see a bent carrot at the A&P?  As the anti-waste movement grows amid global food shortages, food retailers are going to have to walk us back slowly from the aesthetic produce standards they believe we insist on.  The food industry needs to lead the way in the re-examination of sell-by dates and the appeal of “ugly” fruits and vegetables. Here is an opportunity for once to get ahead of an issue.


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One Response to “Waste”

  1. kseverny Says:

    i agree, we need to do something

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