Procter’s Non-Gamble

Ad Age tells us that Procter & Gamble is encouraging all of its brands to develop a presence on Facebook, a development that should significantly push the envelope for brands that are not obvious candidates for this treatment.  The fan numbers tell a predictable story about which brands are most obviously at home in the medium — Gillette — 202,000 fans, Gillette Venus — 116,000 fans, Dolce & Gabbana — 465,000 fans.  What interests us is what can be done with Metamucil, Duracell and Pepto Bismol, currently at 411, 1000 and 169 fans respectively.  What these brands most immediately appear to need in the land of the Face is content, lots of content — games, polls, coupons, opinionated commentary,  cool video, music.  The principle should be to fail frequently and fail fast, driving fans to Facebook from the store shelf through promotions and display information.  Out of these maelstroms of creativity will emerge a set of self-identifying customers interested enough to tell the brands what they want to talk and hear about.  Thus will they and the brands become entrained in a rhythm of mutual reward.  Let the games begin.


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