The Volpone Effect

“Good morning to the world.  And next, my gold.”  These are the first words spoken by Volpone in Ben Jonson’s 1606 play of  the same name, in which the  protagonist starts his day by counting the gold kept conveniently under his bed.  It also explains why social media ought to be an absolutely natural fit for investor relations.  The intimate feelings that individual and institutional investors have for their investments are perfectly served by successful social media strategies.  Of course, we want companies to feed our needs by growing profitably and increasing the value of our investments.  But we also want a sense of community with management and other investors; we thrive on the drama of the day to day action in the market; we enjoy the insider status that effective investor communications gives us; we swell with pride at a successful investment and worry like a parent when our investment catches a fever.  All of these emotional and psychological needs can be served more effectively, we believe, by social media than through traditional communications tools.  The companies that can get comfortable with the regulatory hurdles posed by some social media will build stronger investor brands than ever before.


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