Chinese at Play

As usual, the statistics relating to China are mind-numblingly large.  According to a McKinsey Quarterly article first published in the Harvard Business Review, 384 million Chinese consumers spend 70 percent of their leisure time on the Internet.  Much of this web surfing is taking place on mobile devices because China’s cellular providers recently started offering widespread 3G service, according to the article.

These numbers are a timely reminder that it is far from premature to start monitoring Chinese blog traffic and to get to know influential Chinese bloggers even if you don’t market a big global consumer brand like Nestle or Nokia.  One US company, for example, facing a product contamination issue that was not big news in the US, was taken aback that the Chinese Internet was ablaze with commentary, due, of course, to China’s experience with this issue.  Corporate brands, not just consumer brands need to be ramping up to meet this challenge.  Death by 384 million cuts sounds quite painful.


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