The Ramblin’ Wreck in Rajasthan

The news that the Indian cabinet wants to abolish laws prohibiting foreign universities from setting up campuses in India raises some interesting questions about the flow of “high value” migrants.  As The New York Times reports, 100,000 students currently come from India to study in the US, more than from any other country.  How many of  these budding health care and information technology experts will come to the US if they can graduate with a degree from Georgia Tech in Jaipur? Of  those who come to the US and get their doctorates, how many will want to return home to do research at the Kolkatta campus of Cornell rather than stay here?  Wouldn’t those companies that already have research partnerships with US-based academic institutions love to wrap their Bangalore R&D centers into local academic relationships with a name brand?  In fact, we speculate that companies who have resisted setting up R&D centers in India because of a concern about the supply of local talent will be highly encouraged by this step.

The moving finger writes and having writ, moves on.   Tom Friedman said the world is flat.  He’s right and now it’s tipping away from the Charles and towards the Ganges.


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