Return of the No Comment?

A completely unscientific study of The New York Times this week suggests that we are seeing the resurgence of the corporate “no comment.”  In the era of corporate tweeting, official FB pages and CEO YouTube channels, this is a somewhat unexpected development.  Thinking through some possible reasons, we posit:

a) After two years of economic woes and corporate scandals, communicators are just tired.

b) Two decades into being told never to say “no comment” company spokespeople are enjoying a brief flirtation with the illicit.

c) Everyone got sick of corporate transparency at the same time.

d) The 24 hour webcam of the BP crisis room encouraged people to metaphorically turn off the lights.

e) There are too few business reporters left working so there’s no one to follow up a “no comment” with a gotcha story.

We will continue to monitor this development to see if it is a development.  We encourage our spokespeople readers  to try out other variants:  “I have nothing to say” — “I refuse to answer that question” — I don’t need to tell you anything” — “none of your business.”


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