Corporate Tea Party?

Quietly, but unmistakably, some corporations appear to be fighting back against regulators and consumer lawsuits rather than reaching settlements.  Are they having their own Tea Party moment?  Fruit drink entrepreneur, Lynda Resnick, who with her husband owns POM Wonderful, makers of the pomegranate drink, is fighting back against FTC claims that health claims made for the drink aren’t backed up by science.  The Wall Street Journal quotes her today as saying “We’re going to fight this.”  In the mean time, American Express has refused to join an industry-wide agreement to allow merchants to steer customers towards cheaper forms of plastic, says the Journal.  The Justice Department is now suing AmEx which has apparently decided years of litigation, according to WSJ, are preferable to caving in.  Meanwhile, in East St. Louis, Henkel’s Dial Corp. is fighting a consumer lawsuit inspired by an FDA ruling that says there is no factual basis for its claim that its soap “kills 99.9 percent of all germs.”

Three cases don’t make a trend but there’s a distinct feeling here that some corporations have decided that election-inspired Ceylonerie may be the perfect environment in which to fight back against Obama administration regulators.  Perhaps some of these efforts will be successful, but November comes very soon and there’s little evidence that Tea “drinkers” are any less concerned about the products and services they consume than the general population.  They may be against Big Government with a Capital O (b-m-), but that doesn’t mean they like Big Marketers any better.


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