Tempest in a Taco

With its highly public response to a lawsuit about the beef content of its fillings, Taco Bell has provided another opportunity for us to observe reputation management in action in today’s social media environment.  With its “Thank You for Suing Us” advertising campaign, Taco Bell has taken the offensive in both MSM and digital media to make the point that its beef fillings are more than 80 percent beef.  Both in tone of voice and proactive stance, Taco Bell is trying to find the sweet spot that represents confidence, transparency and intimacy in the digital age.

Taco Bell may or may not succeed in rallying its loyalists by this campaign but they are more likely to succeed than Nestle that initially reacted to the Green Peace Kit Kat campaign by scolding the NGO for copyright infringement.  Public outrage caused them to back down quickly, but we believe more and more companies will find the right tone of voice defending themselves in the social media era.  This is healthy experimentation that will provide insights for reputation management across the industry spectrum.


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