Privacy as Competitive Advantage

The Sony Playstation imbroglio and the stealth campaign attempted by Facebook on Google have once again pointed up the critical sensitivity towards the issue of privacy. The astonishing fact that Apple felt the need to respond to allegations about geo-location data it was collecting suggests an acute consciousness of the reputational toxicity of privacy. Or, perhaps, it is merely recognition of the fact that each of these competing eco-systems occupy very similar turf and privacy could be the wedge issue that pushes customers terminally towards one player and away from another.
There are many conspiracy theorists willing to explain in great detail all of the nefarious things that companies want to with the data they have, but we have always been adherents to the view that inertia explains more than malice. To us, it looks almost as if it’s the effort involved in getting rid of the data that is getting companies into trouble rather a secret master plan to exploit it.
So we’d like to make a modest proposal that there is at least a possibility that there’s a business to be made in being the wired company that cares enough to purge responsibly, with a patented and fully transparent data cleanse system ™. Certainly, the race to the top in data cleansing would lol a lot more edifying than the sheepish mumbling about enhanced data privacy settings that is today’s standard response to each succeeding data revelation.


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