Jackboots on the Forklifts

Let us spare a thought today for poor Amazon as it lurches forward from perhaps the most out-of-left-field crisis of the decade. According to The New York Times, the company has now severed its ties to the security firm it had hired to protect its warehouses in Germany who, it was disclosed, had, at the very least, a predilection for Neo Nazi outerwear. One could raise the question whether anyone at Amazon thought it odd that the security firm’s name in acronym spells out H.E.S.S., the name of Hitler’s deputy, but to us, this crisis is an object lesson in the futility of crisis “playbooks.” We award a golden pompom to anyone who could have predicted that such an event might befall Amazon which is precisely why lengthy crisis playbooks that purport to spell out what to do in any eventuality are relatively useless. By all means, have prepared language for the most likely problems but the best practitioners focus on the process more than the content. If you can get the right team on the line quickly and effectively you will have accomplished more than will be found in any playbook no matter how extensive.


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